New Jersey Collaborative Law

New Jersey Collaborative Law

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In a traditional divorce, the husband and wife’s attorneys use formal litigation and the discovery process to obtain financial and personal information about the other spouse. This information is then used by each spouse, their attorneys, and their financial experts to assess and enhance his or her position with regard to division of property, child and spousal support and custody and parenting time/visitation.

In a collaborative law divorce, by contrast, the husband and wife — and their attorneys — agree in writing to openly disclose all necessary financial and personal information in order to reach compromise agreements and avoid contentious and costly litigation.

At the Bergen County law firm of Schiffman, Ambrose, Davis, Goldman, Quinn, P.C., our family law and divorce legal team includes Lorraine A. Abraham, and Marianne Quinn, two of whom are certified in the practice of New Jersey collaborative law. If you are considering divorce and have questions about whether the collaborative divorce process is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers.

Collaborative Law Divorce Is Private, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Collaborative divorce is gaining popularity, but it is important to fully understand the process before agreeing to use it to resolve your divorce. One of the most important characteristics of a collaborative divorce is that the spouses and their attorneys agree that they will resolve all their disputes without resorting to litigation and a divorce trial. This agreement is supported by another agreement — if the spouses cannot reach acceptable agreements, then each person must hire a new lawyer to represent them at trial. This agreement serves as a powerful financial incentive for both spouses to find workable compromises.

Another important characteristic of New Jersey collaborative law divorce is that the spouses agree to share experts, such as financial and family dynamics professionals. This can result in further cost savings by avoiding the phenomenon of “dueling experts.”

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Collaborative law divorce may be an excellent alternative for spouses who want to maintain amicable relationships, perhaps for the sake of children or other family members.

Find out in a consultation whether the collaborative divorce process might be right for your circumstances. Contact our New Jersey collaborative law attorneys for more information.

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