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The firm received a 2014 “Best Law Firms” Tier 1 ranking from Best Lawyers in America in the areas of Family Law Mediation, Construction Litigation and Banking & Finance Litigation.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn succeeded in recovering a six figure settlement for a subcontractor suing a surety under a performance bond. The surety defended the case based upon a pay-if-paid provision in the subcontract. The owner of the project, a public entity, had not paid all of the funds to the general contractor because a different subcontractor had improperly served a writ of execution on the owner. Daniel filed a motion to discharge the improperly served writ of execution. The Court discharged the writ, and the owner paid the balance of the funds it was holding. The firm’s client was paid in full.

Partner Evan Goldman will be co-chairing a two day seminar on Employment Law at the upcoming Boardwalk Seminar sponsored by the New Jersey Association of Justice.

Partner Evan Goldman has recently been reelected to the Executive Board of the National Employment Lawyers Association New Jersey Chapter.

Partner Evan Goldman was recently appointed as a Trustee of the New Jersey Association for Justice Educational Foundation.

A firm client had instituted foreclosure proceedings on commercial property. Although a rent receiver had been appointed by the court, the property owner remained at the property and attempted to make private deals with the tenants. Partner Daniel Eichhorn filed an order to show cause with the Essex County Chancery Court, seeking to bar the prior owner from the property and requiring him to account for all funds he had collected. The firm obtained certifications from the rent receiver, a real estate broker and a tenant at the property. After the papers were filed, the prior owner agreed to a settlement which included his execution of a deed in lieu of foreclosure in favor of the firms client. This settlement eliminated the litigation and gave the firms client immediate ownership and control of the property.

Partner Evan Goldman has recently been named a Top Attorney by 201 Magazine.

Partner Evan Goldman has recently been appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a member of the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Arbitration.

Partner Evan Goldman will be speaking at the upcoming Meadowlands Seminar sponsored by the New Jersey Association for Justice.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn was successful in defending M&T Bank which was named as a defendant in a case involving fraudulent alterations to a series of checks that were deposited at the bank. The owner of the checking account was not a depositor at M&T. His home health care worker was. The checks were deposited at M&T, credited to the workers account, and then transferred to the victims bank which debited his account. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, a depository bank, such as M&T, does not have a duty of care to a non-customer. Mr. Eichhorn filed a motion to dismiss the complaint. Judge John Langan of the Superior Court, Bergen County, granted the firms motion and dismissed the complaint against M&T.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn represented a distributor of industrial products in a Chancery Division case in Bergen County. Prior to the firm’s involvement, the court had entered a temporary restraining order and an attachment of all of the client’s assets. Mr. Eichhorn filed certifications and briefs with the court which demonstrated that these pre-judgment remedies were not warranted. Within days, the restraints and the attachments were vacated and the client was permitted to conduct business as usual.

Partner Evan Goldman recently settled a case for $1.5 million dollars for a woman who lost an eye and sustained facial scarring in a motor vehicle accident.

Partner Dan Eichhorn was recently appointed to be a Commissioner on the Environmental Commission of the Borough of Montvale.

Partner Evan Goldman settled a case for a worker who had sustained 3rd degree burns to over 75% of his body in late 2009. The suit against the employer was filed under a rare exception to the Worker’s Compensation Bar and was settled for $1,485,000.

Partner Marianne Quinn has completed training and is now a parent coordinator available to assist parents in resolving disputes covering day-to-day issues with their children.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn successfully defended a Bergen County attorney who had been sued for legal malpractice and abuse of process. The attorney was sued by his client’s former husband for alleged wrongful conduct during a divorce proceeding. Daniel obtained dismissal of the complaint at the trial level by demonstrating that the attorney conducted himself properly and that the complaint failed to state a claim upon which relief could be granted. The Appellate Division recently affirmed, concluding that the complaint was barred based upon the litigation privilege and collateral estoppel.

Partner Lorraine Abraham recently appeared as an expert on an ABC Prime Time Special to discuss the issue of custody of Michael Jackson’s children.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn recently prevailed in a federal suit in which their client (a commercial lender) was sued by a borrower for the return of a commitment fee. Daniel obtained dismissal of all of the borrower’s claims and obtained a substantial six figure judgment in favor of their client against the borrowing entity and the individual guarantor. This suit involved a wide range of legal issues including choice of law and forum selection clauses, the regulation of commercial lenders and enforceability of guarantees. Brauser Real Estate, LLC v. Meecorp Capital Markets, LLC et. al, Civ. Action No. 06-1816 (D.N.J. 2009).

Partner Evan Goldman is a Bencher in the Sidney Reitman Employment Inn of the American Courts.

Partner Daniel Eichhorn authored a Lexis-Nexis publication chapter that provides an in depth guide to the litigation of oppressed minority shareholder actions from how to conduct initial client interviews through trial. The section focuses on identifying and obtaining the remedy to satisfy the client’s needs. Oppressed Minority Shareholder Actions, LexisNexis Practice Guide New Jersey Commercial Litigation, Sec. 2, 2009.

Partner Lorraine Abraham was appointed to the Bergen County Bar Association Judicial Appointments Committee.

Probate Process from A to Z
Presented by: Paul N. Ambrose Jr., Elga A. Goodman, Daniel J. Jurkovic, AnnMarie P. Palermo-Smits, Richard D. Sanders, Brian R. Selvin
Newark, New Jersey – June 5, 2012 – June 6, 2012
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By Evan L. Goldman and Lori A. Johnson

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